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Docker driven Data Science with R

Cascading Docker images adapted from Matrix DS to create a reproducible, standard, consistent environment to run datascience projects …

Federal R&D Spending on climate change

An EDA using R of federal government data of the R&D budget towards Climate Change.

Bash scripting to compare chat logs of an IRC channel

A BASH script to extract the raw text from different servers and compare them.

CFX Job scheduler

python script to manage multi-priority ANSYS CFX simulations on distributed computing clusters

CFD Post Processing automation

python script to help automate post processing of simulations, by applying an extraction macro on multiple result files.

Contributions to the CFD-Online Wiki

Documentation (based on actual exploration) to the popular CFD-Online wiki related to getting started with Open Source CFD.

Current Trends of Emission Reduction Technology in Vehicular Diesel Engines.

This project undertakes a technology study and survey covering the methods to controlling harmful emission from Diesel engines in …