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Computational modeling



Analytics & Data viz


Project Management


MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB


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A timeline of my work experience and some highlights.


Data Science Consultant


Nov 2019 – Present Vancouver, Canada
I’m actively in search of suitable employment and consulting opportunities.

  • Developed a dashboard (R, Flexdashboard, Shiny) for the mortgage data product of a client. This provided an interface to explore lead quality information related to mortgage applications and predict lead scores indicative of the potential of conversion into a customer. Deployed an initial Linear regression model, improved to a Generalized Linear Model (GLM) with tuned hyper-parameters that reduced the Mean Absolute Error (MAE) by 25%. The dashboard can potentially save at least 30 minutes of analysis time per lead translating to ~700 hours per month in analyzing high quality leads.

Engineer - Design and Applications

Black Gold Rush Industries

Aug 2018 – Nov 2019 Alberta, Canada
  • Proposed and established a proof-of-concept Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system replacing manual workflows with significantly enhanced and efficient setups.

    • The system facilitated a data centric management and overview of the end-to-end workflow including CRM, sales, purchase, manufacturing; with potentially enhanced customer engagement through an online store for the entire product line.
  • Leveraged hands-on product experience to develop material codification master lists of products and inventory.

  • Used R for an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process on data from an SQL database to the ERP system.


Application Engineer

Zeeco Inc

Aug 2015 – Aug 2017 Mumbai, India
  • Interfaced with multiple stake holders and played a key role in establishing local technical capability to support sales in critical combustion equipment used in Oil and Gas refineries.

  • Developed techno-commercial proposals, including optimal product sizing, cost estimation, budgeting and analyses of past sales data to support pricing strategies and negotiations with customers.

  • Developed a VBA helper app to automate the formulation of multiple quote variations and a GUI based 1-click access to common tasks.

  • Enhanced process quality and team capabilities by initiating local root cause analyses for troubleshooting equipment issues, including manual data collection and increased involvement in project management.


Sr. Executive

Wilo Mather and Platt Pumps

Apr 2012 – Jul 2015 Pune, India
  • Designed and optimised the hydraulic components of centrifugal water pumps developing and analyzing distributed numerical simulations of fluid flow, applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

    • Enabled multi-priority job submission with streamlined project and resource management.
    • The system increased software capacity utilisation to 100%, saving 40min (75%) in a critical design step.
  • Automated the post processing of large simulation results (~4GB) with macros that extracted functional performance snapshots (3% ~ 100MB). The approach eliminated hours of delay between assessing simulation results on remote clusters.

  • Developed templates automating pipelined simulation setups that eliminated complex, repetitive manual steps.

Course Certificates

GAIQ - Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Intermediate professional certification exam covering the applications of Google Analytics in digital marketing applications.
See certificate

Advanced Google Analytics

Advanced insight into using Google Analytics to perform segmentation and cohort analysis including analysing the audience, business KPI’s and other factors that go into marketing analytics.
See certificate

Google Analytics for beginners

Fundamentals of the Google Analytics interface and tools and setup for marketing analytics.
See certificate

MongoDB basics - M001

Fundamentals of using mongoDB query language while using the mongo shell, querying multiple datasets on multiple clusters on MongoDB’s Atlas as well as using their GUI client Compass
See certificate

EdX HarvardX PH125.1x Data Science Basics: R

Covered the fundamentals of using R in Data Science
See certificate

Introduction to R for Finance

Covers the basics of pulling in stock data and analysing them using R
See certificate

SQL Fundamentals

Took this course to solidify my fluency in using SQL
See certificate

Data Analyst Path in R

Completed the entire Data Analyst path on DataQuest. This covered using R in a data science project.
See certificate

Data Science R basics

Companion to EdX course PH125.1x
See certificate

Intro to SQL

See certificate

Introduction to Tidyverse

See certificate

git & Version control

Used this course to solidify my skills in using git.
See certificate