Bash scripting to compare chat logs of an IRC channel

A BASH script to extract the raw text from different servers and compare them.

mosh - for better access to my VPS

Mosh is short for mobile shell, and is useful as an alternative to SSH, especially for poor network conditions, and where one has to frequently switch networks. It works via the UDP port, which has to be specifically enabled. I learnt of mosh through the guys in the #emacs. I’ve faced frequent trouble due to network issues over SSH connections, with the lag hampering my ability to type, in general, and it is particularly inconvenient to respond on IRC/Weechat.

Linux notes

Installing the Iosevka font On Debian distros There appear to be no packages for iosevka for debian. The prescribed method is to add the fonts to the fonts folder. The github issues point towards a PPA which can be added. However, this did not work for me, and I had to resort to manual means. Downloading the specified font version from github into a temp folder cd ~/temp wget "" Extracting the contents of the downloaded zip file to a folder named iosevka.

Iosevka - an awesome font for Emacs

Before my foray into Emacs, I purchased applications like IAWriter (classic)1, Marked2, Texts (cross platform Mac/Windows), and have also tried almost all the recommended apps for longer form writing. I am a fan of zen writing apps. In particular the font and environment provided by IAWriter are conducive to focused writing. There also exist apps like Hemingway that also help check the quality of your writing. Zen writing apps are called so because they have a unique combination of fonts, background color, including line spacing and overall text-width - all of which enable a streamlined and focused flow of words onto the screen.

An SSD can breathe life into old computers

It’s a well known trick that installing a SSD in place of the conventional Hard disk can breathe new life into very old machines. My mid 2010 Macbook Pro is one such example, being over 8 years old. In particular, within Emacs - mu4e responds much more quickly and there is significantly less lag in searching / accessing emails and HTML rendering. The other advantage of using a Mac over Linux is that installation and setup instructions are more often available out the box for the Mac OS (though this is changing).

Contributions to the CFD-Online Wiki

Documentation (based on actual exploration) to the popular CFD-Online wiki related to getting started with Open Source CFD.