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During my initial foray into open source CFD and especially getting started with Linux - there was a lot of information that I had to collate from different sources in order to figure out each step. In addition, there were perspectives on performance that could be gained only through experience. Therefore, I plugged back the knowledge gained to the CFD-Online wiki with the idea that it would help any newbie get started a little quicker.

In the last few years, the number of courses and the material available on-line on CFD, Linux and applying Numerical techniques has increased substantially. This is somewhat supported by the increasing trend of page views shown on the CFD-Online Wiki. Nevertheless, this document still serves as a useful overview and getting started guide.

The documentation explores the idea of Open Source software, and the basic techniques to get started with the exploration. Eg: the different options of running Linux on your current machine as well as the pros and cons of each approach, and the software options available, as well as links to useful and high quality information and tutorials.

Shreyas Ragavan

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