Automating the deployment of my Hugo site

Note taken on [2020-04-11 Sat 16:27] Updated post and the cron job script + notes based on an illuminating conversation with R2robot in the Hugo IRC channel ##hugo. IRC rocks.. most of the time. This website is based off Hugo. The complete source is available as a Git repo at shrysr/sr-hugo. Currently, my only actions are to make changes to an Org source file and export the same via ox-hugo.

Some thoughts on hosting your own blog

This is an expansion to my response to a query on Linked in about getting off medium for publishing data science blog posts. To begin with, I believe the experience of setting up a self-hosted publishing platform including a LAMP stack for Wordpress, or to serve up a static website is worth the effort due to the lateral knowledge gained in tinkering with the command line and a remote server and the final satisfaction of having a system under your own control.