Archaic text based email clients rock!

This blog post inspired me to complete this languishing draft of my current email setup, and the benefits I’ve gained from using a text based email client in Emacs. Hope you find it entertaining. In any case, the links and reference section will certainly prove useful. TLDR - for the busy folks Goals: Unification of email accounts while preserving separate individual components. Local backup of email. Potential to extend system to a personal server Email access from Emacs !

An SSD can breathe life into old computers

It’s a well known trick that installing a SSD in place of the conventional Hard disk can breathe new life into very old machines. My mid 2010 Macbook Pro is one such example, being over 8 years old. In particular, within Emacs - mu4e responds much more quickly and there is significantly less lag in searching / accessing emails and HTML rendering. The other advantage of using a Mac over Linux is that installation and setup instructions are more often available out the box for the Mac OS (though this is changing).

Switching from Evernote to DEVONtechnologies products

I’ve used Evernote since 2014, with over 3k notes of all kinds stored in it. Though I did try to capture everything of interest - the procedure was never fast or streamlined enough for me. The Evernote app runs ridiculously slower on older phones. In particular, being used to the speed of Emacs and Org mode - I was mostly displeased with the Evernote Mac / Windows apps as well. I ended up using the drafts app for writing on iOS devices.

Getting productive - an exploration into holistic task management

Introduction To integrate tasks, reminders, notes, coding workflow into a single framework is no easy challenge. Org mode and Emacs help you do just that. After trying out several tools, IMHO : Todoist offers the best bang for your buck, especially with it’s natural language parsing ability, smooth and reliable sync as well as its multi-platform availability. Many describe Omnifocus to be the king of task management tools, with dedicated apps for different purposes and probably well integrated.